Extra charge of $150 will be collected for visits after normal business hours which are 9 to 5 Monday through Thursday.

This fee does not apply to patients that have purchased yearly packages

Payments can be made at the time of visit

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Yearly Platinum Package

$300 per adult 16+ (per month)

This is our most inclusive health care package. This includes care for your day-to-day medical problems as well as more urgent care issues, such as an infection or cold. Features of your package include the following:

  • On time visits without the wait and hassle of long waiting room times
  • Unlimited visits 
  • Care for all members 16 and above
  • This includes 12 months of primary medical care
  • Personalized IV Nutritional Plan

Package Costs are per person and are priced for families.

  • $Equivelent to $10 per day, this includes a nutritional consult plus micro nutrient testing for a value of $900

(Notes: Package costs are NON-refundable. Membership DOES NOT include chronic pain management or controlled substance prescriptions. Primary Package is offered in two options (Monthly or Yearly).

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Minor Procedures

Note that these procedures are NOT included in membership subscriptions. These procedures are charged separate and are considered unique episodes of care. These minor procedures are available to members and non-members alike and include varying days of coverage for monitoring healing of your procedure. Costs are NON-refundable. A one time, $100 cost for home visits for these procedures applies in Casper city limits. Prices below include clinic visit costs.

Lacerations (minor cuts that need sutures):

  • Cost varies based on severity and can range from $250 to 500
  • Includes all supplies (sutures)
  • Allows you access for monitoring of skin infection and healing of your wound for 10 days
  • Additional charges apply for home visits outside of Casper city limits

Joint Injections:

  • Limited to knee and shoulder injections, designed primarily for patients with arthritis
  • Can be done in the clinic or in your home within Casper city limits (additional charges may apply for home visits outside of city limits)
  • $150
  • Provided are 72 hours of coverage for monitoring your joint after injection

Skin biopsy or mole removal:

  • $250 for removal of the skin lesion
  • Pathology or review of the lesion under the microscope is a SEPARATE and unique charge from the pathologist
  • Provided are 10 days of coverage from physicians to monitor healing of your wound
  • Additional charges apply for home visits outside of Casper city limits

Intramuscular Injections:

  • Need monthly B12 injections? Cost is $75
  • You have one day of coverage to ensure no issues with your injection
  • Additional charges apply for home visits outside of Casper city limits

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