Direct Primary Care

What exactly is direct primary care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) also known as direct to consumer or concierge practice is a type of medical practice that puts health care back into the hands of patients and their physicians instead of insurance companies, hospital administrators, and the government.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) practices charge a fee for the delivery of medical care to the patient. WITHOUT the "middle-man", the insurance company or Medicare. These fees are based on your needs, and paid by you, directly to your doctor. Physicians in a DPC practice do not accept insurances or participate in insurance programs for payment of their services, and instead rely solely on the fees they charge patients.

The care in a DPC can range from one-time consultation visit, wellness visits, COVID long haul care, or even limitless visits based on your membership. Please see services and care packages for more info.

What we are NOT:

As a DPC practice, we are not a substitute for health insurance. (Note: If you choose not to carry health insurance, we do suggest you obtain a high-deductible policy or emergency policy of some type for those emergent surgeries or medical problems that can.)

However, we will say that in the cost of health insurance, we think that DPC offers patients a more transparent view of their health care costs. Most patients with insurance are paying high premium rates for that insurance every month, and their reward is a high deductible and out of pocket expenses. If you do the math, an average visit to a family practice or internal medicine physician will NEVER help you reach your deductible. You could visit a primary physician more than 20 times a year on many policies and still not pay your deductible for the year!

Why we are DPC physicians:

We want to take a moment to talk to you personally. Honestly, even as physicians, we face the same issues regarding our own health care and insurance. We can't afford to see the doctor ourselves! The premiums for health insurance are too high and unless it is hospital or emergency care, or maybe a surgery, the value just is not there. That is why we started to really think about how to provide patients an alternative to "the system". Bottom line, we wanted a situation in which we felt we could come together as doctors to provide people the best care possible in a way that we would want to be treated ourselves. A DPC practice fits that dream of ours to help others as we would want to be treated ourselves. It is how we would treat our own wives and family members.

We want you to have the best care possible and see the value of your dollar in health care spending choices. We know it is always the patient's choice how to spend their dollar. That is why we believe a DPC practice gives you the best of many worlds-access to premier medical care.

Let's eliminate the "middle-man", the insurance company and the government, to make care more compassionate, affordable, and transparent. Let's do this together! We want our DPC practice to focus on what matters most, you. It is our mission to provide you with the best care possible and have you say around town, "these doctors care and I get what I pay for". Time restraints don't have a place here. Instead, we want to sit down with you, discuss your medical and health concerns while exchanging apple pie recipes. Our DPC practice is about making you a part of our family. It is about putting you in charge of your own health! We believe that seeing your doctor should be easy and convenient, whether that is in the office, or even at your home. These are just some of the Direct Primary Care options in your health care decisions:

  • Price transparency
  • Outstanding, quality, patient focused care with relationships that are personalized
  • Access to care at all hours of the day or night
  • Multiple options for access to care, including membership services
  • Medical care that does not have an administrator or non-medical person dictating your care
  • More time to build relationships with our patients
  • No wait times in the clinic, with on time appointments

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Making medical assistance more accessible

We strive to provide accessible care by making our medical services:

  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Hassle-free
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